Get Better Results From Every Trade Show 



Our 2018 Trade Show Marketing Benchmark Report, developed in partnership with Demand Metric, starts to answer the question “What are companies that report revenue growth doing different when it comes to trade shows?”.

With nearly two-thirds of study participants believing that trade shows help their companies engage with customers and prospects slightly better or much better than other approaches used by sales or marketing, we wanted to help B2B marketers understand how revenue-growth companies are extracting immense value from sponsoring, exhibiting, and attending trade shows and conferences.

Download the full report to get the results of our survey, including how successful B2B marketing and sales teams:

  • Have a 4x better understanding of who is attending a trade show or event
  • Use collaboration tools like their CRM, calendars, and SummitSync to capture customer and prospect data before, during, and after trade shows and events
  • Measure their trade show marketing efforts

The survey results and actionable insights come from our survey of nearly three hundred B2B marketers in a variety of verticals including media, marketing, and technology.

Whether you’re investing millions on top tier booths and experiences at trade shows and events or looking to get your toes wet by sending a couple team members, our 2018 B2B Trade Show Marketing Report will help you understand what revenue-growth companies are doing different when it comes to trade shows. 

At the end of the report, you will find our 6 step action plan designed to give you and your team real takeaway tips to make your trade show marketing a success.

Get The Full Report

Download our B2B Trade Show Marketing Benchmark Report to understand how revenue growth companies are investing in pre-show marketing to skyrocket their success.